Network Security Solutions For Healthcare Businesses

Improvement of Patient Confidence

The exchange of patient-sensitive information between collaborative healthcare professionals requires strict and regulated security standards. Our network security solutions ensure any transactions remain compliant and secure.

Enhancing workflow

We work to provide expert network solutions that enhance your workflow allowing you to devote more of your time to your patients

Improving administration

Administrative tasks impact the level of patient care a healthcare practice can deliver. Our network solutions help you make the easy transition to paperless EMR’s

The Dangers of Not Having the Right Network Security Solutions in Place

In recent times, many healthcare and dental clinics have digitised their businesses in order to provide a more efficient and streamlined service for patients. However, this comes at a price as clinicians can open themselves up to hackers and cyberattacks.

Stolen patient data is big business and is regularly and openly sold on the Dark Web for the purposes of identity theft, fraud and blackmail. For the allied healthcare owner, it can mean a huge amount of time and money spent on lawsuits, plus a damaged brand reputation that they may not recover from.

While that paints a bad picture, the right technology can make all the difference.

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Allied Healthcare and Dental IT Network Solutions – How We Can Help?

Finding the right IT partner for improved allied healthcare and dental IT network solutions isn’t always easy. Not every IT provider understands the complexities and subtleties of the technology and infrastructure needed to support an industry such as this. They need to know that your needs are different.

Urban IT are industry-specific IT specialists who operate solely within the healthcare sector. We have a good working knowledge of the systems, networks, technology and platforms needed to run and maintain a busy healthcare or dental practice. For these reasons, we’re able to implement, maintain and provide network support for a wide range of technology, specific to the healthcare sector.

So, whether you are looking for a trusted IT partner to assist with system monitoring, upgrading of your current network or implementation and integration of a new cloud-enabled network management system, the team at Urban IT can help.

Some of the tasks we assist with as standard include:

  • Dental IT network solutions including support of practice management platforms
  • Managed IT services including system monitoring, health checks and data back-up
  • Network support for new practices including the overseeing and management of cabling
  • Regular testing for enhanced network performance
  • Data recovery
  • Help desk management; and the
  • Implementation and integration of new system networks

Network security solutions without compromise

Finally, we also assist with the latest network security solutions that allow you to operate with the flexibility and agility you require without compromising on security. Electronic Medical Records or EMR’s, for example, allow you to speed up your administration while ensuring that patient records remain protected. We’ll also ensure that your current network is ‘security tight’ and there are no loopholes or areas where data could be hacked or exploited..

In other words, we’re able to implement customisable network solutions that prevent or alleviate the threat of data hacking or cyberattacks, giving you complete peace of mind.

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